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When is the shop/reception open?

Our shop/reception is open from 08:00 to 14:00.

There are also machines with drinks, snacks and freshly brewed coffee.


Check in and out?

Campingvogn, autocamper og counts: Arrival there kl. 11.00-14.00 / Afrejse there 07.00-11.00

Hytter: Arrival there 12.00-14.00 / Afrejse there 07.00-10.00


Which languages are spoken at the reception?
We speak Danish, English and German.

Is it allowed to have roofs?

Generally, sail cloth is allowed, but tents and caravans must still be movable.


Waste disposal?

You can find our waste containers located on the site.

4 km from Ærøskøbing Holiday Park & Camping there is a recycling area.

The landmark 2A

5970 Ærøskøbing


How should tents and caravans be placed?

Tents and caravans must be placed so that they can be easily moved.


Autocamper / Mobilehomes

Only stand on our places A1-A6, or down the long side from numbers 1-10.

Can boats be parked on the tent place?
No. The boats must be kept in the parking area by the road.


How much distance should be between cars and tents?

There must be a distance of 3 m.


Is a valid gas control necessary?

Yes. All caravans must have a valid gas check.

Can we bring our pets?

You are welcome to bring your pets as long as they are kept on a leash when moving in the space.

Can we have barbecue at the camping site?

We have a nice barbecue area with a view to the sea.

Is there Wi-Fi?

We have free Wi-Fi in the space.

Should we also bring bed linen?

Yes, but it is also possible to rent.

Is it possible to rent cycles?

You can rent bicycles in Ærøskøbing.

How long is the way to the beach?

The campsite is 50 meters from the beach.

Is the site disability-friendly?

The campground is with grass and gravel path. We have handicap toilet and bath. There is no level access to cabins.


Where is a heart starter in case of emergency?

There is a heart starter at the front desk.

Where can we see current offers?

You can sign up for our newsletter here or follow us on Facebook/ÆrøskøbingCamping

We have something forgotten

Send us an email at or call our reception if you forgot something. After 4 weeks, forgotten things are thrown out.

Is the camping open all year?

The campsite is closed in winter from October 31 - April 1.


I can't find any answer to my question?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at: or call us on 51 51 81 18.


Do you have a playground?

Yes we have.


What sport facilities do you have?

We have an activity room with table football. Outdoors we have a fitness area and table tennis.


Can you park the car if we are going around the island?

Yes you can park with us if you are going around the island in kayaking or hiking for a few days.

There is the price of 75kr per day, for it is safe with us.

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